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QVEX Controller image

QVEX Controller


The most advanced board for controlling LED strips or standalone LEDs. Developed and perfected for 3 years.

• Light sensing
• WiFi, Bluetooth, 433MHz ASK
• 5-36V • 280W
• 6 channels

Lynepad image



Additional, fully programmable keyboard suitable for any kind of design work including photo editing, video editing, PCB design, 3D modeling and so much more. It allows you to press shortcuts or run complex macros using a single key.

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Shineworks image



Wireless photo/video lights ecosystem. Control the entire scene from a single point. Compatible with the QVEX controller.


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Marek Šefl

Electronics, Product design, Graphics

I built my own laser engraver followed by a 3D printer in a second year of mid-school. I've been working on electronics projects and products ever since. I love the moment of an idea becoming a reality.

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